About us

About Holistic Empowerment for the Less Privileged.

Holistic Empowerment for the Less Privileged (HELP-Uganda) is a registered Non-government organization providing a platform for collective action and voice to less privileged people to strongly advocate for a decent livelihood and human rights protection. HELP Uganda was founded in 2013 by a group of visionary leaders who recognized that the scattered effort by different people needed to be marshaled together for better impact and a collective voice. HELP Uganda is registered as a national NGO with the NGO Board, Ministry of Internal Affairs Regn. No. 9878 and by the Registrar of Companies, Uganda Registration Bureau Services (URBS) as company limited by Guarantee under Regn. Cert. No 171391.


As HELP-Uganda is strategically assessing the areas in which
it can have the greatest impact. It will continue to be instrumental in
addressing issues of the less privileged and will remain committed to delivering
the highest-quality services possible. None of this work would be possible
without the generous support of committed partners.

Our Mission

To advocate and support the daily needs and rights of women, girls, deprived, excluded and vulnerable people to enable them live a fulfilled life.

Our Vision

A society in which the women, youth and other less privileged are able to realize their full social, economic and civic potential.

Our Objectives

  • To Stimulate and raise HIV/AIDS awareness in community and encourage community action towards HIV/AIDS.
  • Train the less privileged members of society in modern and advanced business skills, farming, civic responsibility, health care, micro enterprise business and other disciplines which concern their welfare.
  • To promote and enhance the development of business skills among the less privileged by securing expert personnel to train the members in business and management in general
  • To promote savings, mobilization and entrepreneurial skills among the less privileged members of society.
  • Sensitize the community the need for proper hygiene as a way of improving on the primary health in the community and eradicating opportunistic disease
  • To develop systems which ensure that assistance is targeted to most vulnerable through improved collection, storage analysis and sharing of data on numbers, status and needs.
  • To alleviate poverty, deprivation and distress among less privileged by mobilizing all and any resource especially credit to viable enterprises through appropriate sustainable mechanisms and assist in the development of micro-enterprise.
  • To implement a system geared at motivating members to undertake critical reflection of their values, their sense of stewardship and their concern for other less fortunate members of their communities in order to promote and sustain development in the community context.
  • To address formal education and vocational skills development of orphans and vulnerable children
  • To mobilize resources for supporting education opportunities of disadvantaged children especially the girl child.


The problems of communities are too great for any government, donor or organization to be effective as a unilateral actor. HELP gives much more serious attention to cost-effective strategies and collaborations. Fundamental strategies include building the capacities of families and communities, lobbying the government to support community led initiatives and partnering with several likeminded organizations. Any development partner or organization with similar objectives of empowering the less privileged is called upon to support HELP financially, materially or otherwise.

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