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We believe everyone deserves the best chance in life.
That’s why we support the most vulnerable children and their families,
working with them to reduce poverty and meet their basic needs through our programs

Support orphan babies

Orphans and vulnerable children support

We work with families and orphanages to show them that children are better off growing up loved and belonging in a family, not an orphanage.

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Womens Empowermentt

Women / girls empowerment

While HELP-Uganda advocates for human rights for people of all ages and genders, Our community empowerment and sustainable development programs have brought measurable benefits to women and girls.

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Vocational/ life skills training

We contribute towards a peaceful, stable, prosperous Uganda with reduced poverty and marginalization of women, youth and their families. The desired outcome is increased economic opportunities and positive social engagement of youth

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Hiv / aids services

Hiv/aids services

HELP-Uganda aim to prevent new infections by encouraging safer sexual behavior and/or distributing needed items (such as condoms) or providing medicine that prevents pregnant mothers from transmitting the virus to their newborn (either during pregnancy or while breastfeeding).We also provide care for those already infected by supplying drugs

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Democracy, good governance and accountability program

HELP also empower the local citizenry to effectively realize their roles in the fight against corruption and ensure proper utilization of the public funds meant for developmental purposes of their districts and the nation as a whole.

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Water sanitation

Water and sanitation

Join our giving community and transform lives for families around the world. Every single penny will help bring clean water to communities in need

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We continue to support the most vulnerable living in Uganda but there is still so much more that can be achieved. Get involved and together we can help reduce poverty and give the best chance in life to those who need it most.

As a team we strongly believe that for one to have an immense experience and touch of transformation being taken place by the foundation, he or she ought to take a step in coming physically with the life changing activities being carried out by HELP-Uganda. Volunteering is the baseline of what many of our visitors participate in, with activities ranging from outreaches, missions, extending care to the children at the orphanage centre, educating and sensitization. All these are part of our volunteering schedules/activities.Come support us by signing up.

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