Who we are

We are Holistic Empowerment of the Less Privileged

Holistic Empowerment of the Less Privileged (HELP-Uganda) is a registered Non-government organization providing a platform for collective action and voice to less privileged people to strongly advocate for a decent livelihood and human rights protection. HELP Uganda was founded in 2013 by a group of visionary leaders who recognized that the scattered effort by different people needed to be marshalled together for better impact and a collective voice.

HELP Uganda is registered as a national NGO with the NGO Board, Ministry of Internal Affairs Registration. No. 9878 and by the Registrar of Companies, Uganda Registration Bureau Services (URBS) as company limited by Guarantee under Regn. Cert. No 171391.

Our programmes aim at developing evidence based standards and best practices for empowering youths and women to; eradicate poverty, disease and social-economic stressors while at the same time develop measures to provide Youth Friendly Services. In disaster risk reduction, HELP Uganda’s programming is useful in reducing the effect of war, natural and manmade disasters on such an audacious but highly vulnerable segment of the population. HELP Uganda has achieved this by mobilizing and sensitizing youths in adolescent health, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights (HR) issues to reduce poverty and empower them to become responsible citizens

In light of our achievements, management recognises the value of strengthening our brand, niche, expertise and professionalism. HELP Uganda intends to make a significant contribution by targeting youths below 30 years of age as direct beneficiaries. Evidence from past experience and various consultations with partners proves HELP Uganda’s comparative advantage to work with youth to address the imminent gaps responsible for the plight of this segment of the population.

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