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Management Team

The organization is managed through a Board which consists of 5 members elected every five years at an Annual General Meeting. The board has sub committees that coordinate different activities of the organization. HELP’s Chief Executive is the Executive Director, whose main work is to provide technical support and guidance to the board. The Executive Director’s work is supported by the Programme Coordinator, Accountant, administrator, other staff and volunteer workers. However, the organizational chart is flexible to change in line with the organization’s financial capacities and the level of growth.

Martin Kikambi

Martin Kikambi

Mr.Mukasa Joseph

Mr.Mukasa Joseph

Conrad Musinguzi

Conrad Musinguzi

Our board of Directors

This consists of five members and is the organ responsible for the properties of the organization. The Board of Directors is convened on a quarterly basis and has the following functions:

  • Approve the annual budget and work plan of the organization
  • Amend the Constitution of HELP-Uganda when necessary
  • Oversee and direct the management of the organization
  • Approve policies of the organization
  • Ensuring harmonious cooperation with government and other stakeholders


This is the hub for programme implementation. It is composed of the technical staff that includes Executive director, program manager, project officers, project assistants etc. The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization. Members of the secretariat are appointed through a competitive process based on academic background and experience. The Secretariat is headed by the Executive Director and has the following functions. Implement policies

  • Mobilize resources
  • Submit annual budgets and report to the Board
  • Control and administer the funds of the organization

Annual General Assembly

The annual general assembly is the supreme body of the organization where all recommendations and resolutions are confirmed. It composes of all registered members. It meets once at the end of every financial year.The target group are involved in decision-making as they are represented in the policy making body. They are also involved in implementation and evaluation of the Programme activities. They also attend planning meetings and supervise their own Income Generating Activities.

annual meeting
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