Social institutions and structures should promote the full realization of human rights and human potential, and should be accountable to these ends. The rights of all people are advanced when the rights of the most marginalized and vulnerable peoples are protected. Social justice movements should employ means that are consistent with their ideals, and should give agency to the people whose interests they seek to advance.

A society in which people are not informed about government functions and systems typically breeds an environment in which corruption and poor service delivery can thrive. However, it is known that information and communication technologies (ICTs) can be strategically used to improve access to public services, to increase the efficiency, transparency and accountability of government and political processes, as well as to empower citizens by enabling them to participate in government decision-making processes. Through these social accountability innovations, Uganda has an opportunity to create a more accountable and responsive government capable of enabling a growing number of citizens to participate governance of their country. A more accountable and responsive government will increase citizen commitment to democratic governance, and reduce tensions among political, regional and ethnic groups.

The Programme aims to strengthen the separation of powers, fight corruption and encourage more effective and participatory governance through a variety of activities with national and local governments. HELP Uganda works with civil society to broaden citizen participation and strengthen grassroots organizations, enabling them to effectively promote reforms at both the national and local level, including advocacy on issues surrounding gender equity, human rights and corruption. Special emphasis will be given to the promotion of women empowerment, gender equality and equity. The program aims at building and sustains a new crop of young community leaders, who generate specific knowledge on Human Rights, Social Justice and Human Rights Protection. HELP UGANDA will prepare social change agents who are innovative, passionate and resourceful about making concrete improvements in the lives of disadvantaged and marginalized communities.